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The Challenge

The Solution

  • The Challenge

    • You haven’t been hitting those high scores for a while and need some guidance
    • You have the internal resources to write your tenders and bids, but something isn’t working and you need to find out what
    • Perhaps you need a fresh pair of eyes to check you are meeting the evaluation criteria?
    • You want to elevate your responses and have left enough time in your bid plan for someone to come and tell you how
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    Pipster will carry out a full review of your client documents, create a compliance matrix, and ensure your submission meets content and structure requirements. We can:

    • Advise you on how you can elevate your responses to increase your scores and place yourselves in front of your competitors
    • Offer a fresh pair of eyes, to give constructive advice, thoughts and improvements, to ensure your submission is the best it can be
    • Schedule key stage reviews to help keep you on track and provide plenty of time for essential proofreading, content checks and changes to content
    • Make sure you don’t lose points through missing important evaluation criteria such as critical supporting forms or documents

    By the time you press the submit button, you will be happy and confident that your submission has everything you need for it to be successful. Let us take the worry and stress out of your tender review process.