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What can we expect from you:

The Client (you) will:

  • Provide confirmation in writing of which option in the quotation you will be accepting
  • Promptly provide us with reasonable access to your staff, information, documents and drafts as they are required
  • Nominate one individual to liaise with us and oversee the Services
  • Use reasonable skill and care in carrying out your obligations
  • Meet our agreed deadlines for providing information and reviewing content to enable us to provide the Services and allow us to create a small case study of the work undertaken, to provide credentials for future clients
  • Pay the fees within 7 days of receipt of our invoices by direct bank transfer

You will not:

Have the right, or seek to exercise direction, control or supervision over our representatives. We will co-operate with any reasonable request of yours within the scope of the services, but it is acknowledged that we will be able to determine how best the services are provided and will have autonomy over our working methods.

Be under any obligation to offer further contracts or services to us nor are we under any obligation to accept any contract or services offered. For the avoidance of doubt, both the Consultant and Client agree and intend that this agreement does not create any mutuality of obligation, either during or following the agreement.

What can you expect from us?

Pipster will:

  • Use reasonable skill and care in carrying out our obligations and the services
  • Disclose any financial or professional conflict of interest relating to the Project or the Services immediately
  • Provide the services regularly (though without creating any obligation to work any fixed hours) and efficiently from any suitable address as set out overleaf so they are completed within a reasonable time
  • Have the right to provide the services using Representatives of our own choosing, being able to substitute any Representative provided that the client is reasonably satisfied that the substitute representative is sufficiently skilled, experienced and qualified to carry out the services. We will remain liable for the Services completed by any substitute and will bear any costs
  • Be free to involve subcontractors, availing of specific expertise, in the performance of the project or services. Subcontractors will be under the same confidentiality obligations as the consultant
  • Send invoices for our Fees (to which VAT will be added) once our services are complete
  • Comply with all applicable EU and English legislation, codes of practice, standards, guidelines and regulations including those relating to data protection, control, processing and storage. Our data Privacy Policy details our obligations and how we comply

Pipster will not:

  • Disclose any details of the project/bid, including strategy, fees submitted or any other information relating to it
  • Pipster is not responsible for delays to the project beyond its reasonable control or due to your failure to provide information, instructions or assistance at a suitable time
  • Be responsible for planning how we carry out the Services and providing all relevant equipment to enable us to carry out those Services effectively

Working together

  • Copyright in all documents, reports, and information prepared by or for Pipster for the project belongs to Pipster during the project and is assigned to the client on payment of the final invoice
  • The consultants’ liability is limited to the purpose for which those documents were originally prepared
  • The services can only be decreased, extended or modified by written agreement confirmed by both parties (including exchange of emails) detailing the changes to the Services, any extra or changed fees, and changes to the agreed timescales
  • The parties will keep information relating to the project, client or services confidential except where required by law
  • We are not acting in partnership, as agents or in a joint venture with you but as an independent consultant
  • Neither the client nor the consultant can transfer (assign, novate or subcontract) its obligations under this agreement without the consent of the other as this agreement is collaborative
  • If there is a serious breach of this appointment either party may end this agreement by giving 14 days’ written notice to the other (or immediately for insolvency). Either party may also end this agreement by giving three months’ notice to the other. After that period, the consultant will not provide further services, and will invoice the client for a reasonable proportion of the next installment of the fees to cover all services provided. Where there is a dispute the parties will attempt to mediate in good faith following the CEDR process. Where the dispute cannot be resolved amicably, the laws of England apply, and the English courts have exclusive jurisdiction and enforcement powers