Frequently asked questions

Pipster Solutions provides practical help for winning work. We want to be your first choice for professional public procurement bid and tender services. We care about your business and work hard to build ongoing collaborative relationships to help move organisations forward. We will complement or become your bidding function, leaving you and your staff to concentrate on the day job. Our team consists of Pippa Birch, Hannah Thorne, Matt Pickering, Katie Dongworth , Jo Brassington , Sajia Ahmed , Alison Hart. Discover more on our Team Pipster page.

We provide anything from writing one or two responses to full comprehensive bid management. Our simple, flexible and organised approach is demonstrated through the services we offer. Services include supporting you with submissions and documents such as Tenders, Bids, Pre-Qualification Questionnaires (PQQs), Bid Management Systems (BMS), Case Studies and more. We offer exceptional writing, editing, reviewing, management, proofreading, coaching, training, and graphic design.

Firstly, we recommend contacting us via or our Contact Form where one of the team will get back to you to discuss your requirements. We provide the first one-hour consultation free of charge for all new clients. Should you decide to work with us, we will begin work on your project.

We normally arrange a ‘Kick-Off Meeting’ either in person or via a virtual meeting platform such as MSTeams or Zoom where we will analyse the tender specification with you and establish what is needed. We will then work with you to acquire documentation such as CVs, company policies, procedures, method statements, risk assessments and case studies. If any of these documents need to be re-designed during the process, we will work with you to align these with the procuring organisation’s requirements. We will liaise with you, your operational team and/or your subject matter experts to produce compelling technical responses for the submission.

We charge a day rate for the time spent working with you. This is discussed on a client-by-client or project-by-project basis and a guide price is always provided before we start work. Fees are based on an initial estimation of how much work will be involved.

There are many variables that we consider when providing you with a quotation. These include the amount of information you already have on file from marketing literature and previous tender submissions, the size of the submission, formatting, graphics required and timescales. We remain transparent about time and cost throughout the process to ensure you are aware of any variances. We do not offer a ‘no win no fee’ guarantee as it is impossible to control all the variables of a tender.

If you have hired us to review, then yes! If you want us for the end-to-end process, this usually includes a full review of the submission. If you have written the submission internally and want someone to perform a final review of it, we offer this as a service.

We will always get involved with your company on a personal basis with the view of building long-term relationships. Integrating with your organisation and becoming a valued member of your team is important to us. Most of our work is carried out from our offices or remotely, however, we do also attend face-to-face meetings when required and when pandemic restrictions allow. We have all got very accustomed to working via video meeting platforms such as MSTeams or Zoom and find this to be a very efficient way of working.

Our ethos is collaborative, but our way of working remains outside of IR35. You contact us on a project basis, with any member of the team able to carry out the work.

How long is a piece of string?! It really depends on factors such as the requirements of the bid, what we are contracted to do, how well we know the client, how long the questions are and how quickly requested information gets sent to us. The earlier we work with you, the better idea we will have of how long the bid will take to complete. We are happy to provide you with a timescale estimation at the point of quotation, although this can be subject to change.

Pipster Solutions is highly regarded in the highways and civil engineering sectors due to Pippa’s long standing experience, comprehensive understanding, and outstanding reputation in these areas.

We like our writers to have knowledge across various industry sectors. Our bidding skills transfer across all industries including highways, civil engineering, utilities, construction, facilities management, energy, security, forensics, custody, and training. The list is endless!

The majority of our expertise remains in the public sector, however, do not hesitate to contact us about your requirements and we will see if we can help.

We work on a first-come, first-served basis, and will never create a conflict of interest by working on the same bid for different companies.

Yes, we do. We are very happy to review submissions to make sure that they are compliant and hitting the evaluation criteria. This service includes a careful review of the client’s documents, your written quality responses, and a list of improvements that could be made (if necessary!). We also look at bids that have been lost to try and help you to understand where quality improvements can be made for the next submission. If you are happy with the content of your submission, we also offer a proofreading service where we will perform a ‘sense check’ which includes focusing on consistency of content, spelling, grammar, punctuation and formatting.

Our writers are all directly employed by Pipster Solutions and passed a rigorous interview process before landing a job with us. The team has 30 years of collective experience in bid writing. Some members of our team are APMP certified including Pippa who gained Professional APMP certification in 2018, one of only 300 in the world. APMP certification is the global standard for developing and demonstrating proposal management competency. Any new members of staff that join us always bring a fresh perspective.

No, sadly not as there are lots of variables to producing a winning bid. We become part of your team and so generating submissions is a mutual endeavour. We usually only get involved after the pre-bidding or solution stage, and our services don’t always include bid management. Pricing is also normally dealt with by clients themselves or by external estimators, although we will upload or integrate pricing into the submission should you wish us to. Submissions are scored on both price and quality, so we can only be responsible for producing a proportion of the bid, which is why we cannot guarantee to produce a winning bid for you.

The number one thing we will need from you is your commitment. So that we can do a great job for you, we will need you to commit to any content deadlines set by us. Meeting our deadlines will mean that we will have the information required for us to produce a compelling, persuasive, and outstanding piece of work.

Put simply, Pipster clients win the work they want. When you choose us, we provide a personal, trusted service. We get to the heart of your operations and form an integrated, winning team.

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